Bolt is applying for an electric scooter licence in London!

November 23, 2020

Bolt scooter

We’re excited to announce that Bolt is making preparations to apply for an e-scooter licence in London. Last week Transport for London (TfL) announced that they would welcome transport operators to apply for special licences to participate in e-scooter rental trials which are planned to commence in spring 2021. We’re laying the groundwork to help London prepare for this transitional phase of transport. It’s imperative that we set the general public up for success as we ready our application for the Spring 2021 trial.

E-scooters can vastly complement a city’s transport network when the appropriate considerations are made. We believe that Bolt is ready to meet the unique needs of London and has the experience abroad to prove it. As of November 2020, Bolt offers e-scooter rentals to 51 European cities with a network of 30,000 scooters.

A desire to solve the last mile problem

In early Autumn we surveyed thousands of Bolt London’s ride-hailing users and learned that more than half would use an e-scooter for shorter journeys (up to 5km) instead of ordering a car. With 67% of London car trips being less than 5km, there’s a real opportunity to alleviate city congestion woes and reduce carbon emissions in London.

Bolt’s multi-modal network

Bolt e-scooter London

If we are awarded the privilege of operating an e-scooter rental scheme in London, riders will be able to choose between a scooter or a car all within one app for the first time. Your lifestyle is contingent on factors of the environment around you. Traffic, weather, time of day/year, and local events/activities all contribute to your transport experience. The versatility of the Bolt app is ready to lend a hand to the dynamic needs of a city like London.

Eyes on the future

Earlier this year we made a sustainability pledge to make all European scooter operations climate positive by the end of 2020. These commitments will hold true in markets where we already offer Bolt e-scooters (and in London if we are granted permission to offer our scooter services). Although 2020 delivered a variety of setbacks to global transport, the pending outcome in 2021 is an optimistic one. It may be the golden age of micromobility. We’re humbled to be considered for London city trials and look forward to the opportunity to offer a new form of transport to London.

Download the Bolt app and be one of the first to learn if e-scooters go live in London!


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