Bolt e-scooters officially approved for UK city trials

July 28, 2020

Bolt e-scooters ready for UK city trials

We’re excited to announce that Bolt’s electric scooters have now received official approval from the UK’s Department for Transport (DfT) to take part in e-scooter trials in cities across the country.

Following the DfT’s announcement last month that rental e-scooter trials could begin this summer, we’ve been working in collaboration with all local authorities that are interested in taking part in the trial, with the aim of testing our latest model.

As we’ve now received approval, we can begin rolling Bolt e-scooters out onto the streets!

UK verified independent braking and stability tests

Going the extra mile is something we’re used to. In the case of attempting to secure approval to trial our scooters in the UK, we went further than any of our competitors to ensure we stood out as the most viable option. To do so, we took part in some additional, unconditional testing, conducted by the UK’s reputable independent testing agency — Millbrook.

Our scooter passed the independent braking and stability tests needed in the UK. Millbrook’s engineers were particularly impressed with how easy Bolt scooters were to use for the first time. Riding a Bolt scooter feels natural from the start, notably the inflated tyres make for an incredibly smooth ride.

The safest, lightest e-scooter on the market

Bolt electric scooters ready for UK city trials

Bolt e-scooters aren’t the same as the ones you used when you were a kid. Made from the highest quality components and weighing in at just 17 kilograms, Bolt scooters are the lightest models currently available in the scooter sharing industry.

These lightweight scooters also come with excellent range capabilities, with a single charge lasting around 25 miles. They’re even safe to operate in the dark, as the e-scooters come with both front and rear lights, as well as side reflectors.

Unlike competing scooters emerging in the ride-sharing sector — which are mostly plastic — Bolt scooters are composed of 90% aluminium and other recyclable materials. Their modular design makes all of the components easy to replace and early data indicates that a Bolt scooters’ lifespan is around 36 months. This is well beyond that of competitor models.

The lightweight design and practicality of our scooters positions Bolt well as a leader in micro-mobility, conscious of our impact on the environment.

All your transport needs in a single app

Bolt is the only platform in Europe that currently offers ride-hailing, e-scooters and e-bikes under a single brand, giving us a unique opportunity to allow you to shift to greener modes of transport. Data from our operations in Europe shows that with 2,000 scooters and 2,000 e-bikes, Bolt can save over 250,000 car journeys a year.

COVID-19 has presented the world with a unique challenge to redefine city transportation. Micro-mobility is the future of urban transportation, and we’re working hard to ensure that our electric scooters will soon be a part of the solution to fast, affordable, safe and convenient inner-city travel within UK cities.

Want to be one of the first in the UK to get your hands on a Bolt scooter? Simply download the Bolt app and keep your eyes peeled for our latest updates. We hope to announce where you can find Bolt scooters in the coming weeks.


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