Bolt driver Raymond: Driving with Bolt is fun and convenient!

July 09, 2021


When not playing football or basketball, there’s a good chance you’ll find Raymond walking his dog (a very cute dog we must add), or behind the wheel of his Tesla Model 3! After starting his career in the hospitality industry, Raymond wanted to work more flexible hours and so decided to drive full-time. “Driving with Bolt is fun and convenient! I’m a people person, and thanks to my previous role as a restaurant manager, I like the human element of driving and getting to interact with others”.

“The work was booming instantly”

Raymond’s been with Bolt since day 1 when we first launched in London in 2019. “I joined the app out of curiosity and was one of the first drivers who registered. From initial registration until now, the experience with Bolt has been a pleasure”.

When asked about life as a Bolt driver, Raymond said that he valued the technology and the constant app development since the launch. He also confessed that he was particularly surprised by the high demand when he started. “I honestly came to the app without any expectations, but the work was booming instantly — I was shocked from day one.”

“Switch to electric. It’s a no brainer!” 

We asked Raymond to tell us more about his experience driving a fully electric car in London. “Oh, that’s a no brainer — switch to electric! There are multiple benefits of driving an electric car, especially as a professional driver and for someone who’s driving in London.” In addition to the positive environmental impact, Raymond shared his top 3 reasons for switching to an electric vehicle:  

  • Save money: No congestion charge, no ultra-low emission charge, and many discounts and incentives as a professional driver; 
  • Fewer maintenance costs (no petrol engine to worry about); 
  • More space for your gym bag! 

People are curious about electric cars 

And that’s not all — Raymond shared that most of his clients have never ridden in a Tesla Model 3 before. “I enjoy the novelty of that experience with passengers. People are curious about electric cars, so it’s a good conversation starter, and it usually sets the tone for a positive and enjoyable experience for the passenger and me.” 

Raymond even noticed a lower cancellation rate. “I’ve noticed that when there’s a longer pick up time due to traffic or external factors — which is sometimes inevitable — passengers are more likely to wait when they see it’s an electric Tesla”

“Playlists are my secret to a 5-star ride”

Before ending our conversation, we wanted to know Raymond’s secret for getting a 5-star rating. Did we tell you that Raymond is a music fan? Well, he has a series of playlists for all tastes! 

“I listen to 60s, 70s, 80s, but also music from all over the world. There are so many songs outside of your usual genre choices that you’ll love. The rapport between you and the passenger just gets so much better when you play music!” And guess what, with an engine-free car, your favourite music sounds even better. Well played Raymond!

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