Bolt driver Claudia: being 100% in charge of my schedule gives me freedom

September 05, 2019

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Bolt’s driver stories series is in full swing and we’re really excited to bring you another personal one. Meet Claudia, a passionate driver, a devoted mother and your go-to person when it comes to recommendations about London.

Leaving everything behind was the right decision

Six years ago, Claudia left everything she knew behind in Romania and moved to the UK for the sake of her daughter’s education. A devoted mother, Claudia is sociable, inquisitive and loves being busy. She has a passion for driving too! London is the perfect city for her to be a private hire driver.

Claudia is good at knowing when the Bolt app will be busiest each day, which means she can schedule her time to get the most customers. It’s all weather dependent of course and in the UK that means anything can happen!

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In the mornings and evenings, Claudia does a lot of airport trips. These customers have taken her all over the UK, from Blackpool in the North, to Bournemouth in the South, giving her a chance to get out of the city. Of course, she does a lot of London trips too!

Best source for recommendations

Chatting with her customers has taught Claudia a great deal about London. That’s how she’s learned where all the best places are. Whether it’s food, nightlife, entertainment or shopping you’re after, Claudia can tell you where to go to have a great time – she can even drop you there in her spacious, limited-edition Audi A6 S Line! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tourist or an old-timer, she’s got you covered!

As a driver using Bolt, Claudia has the flexibility to not only spend time with her daughter but also do other things she loves, like swimming, reading, going to the theatre and cooking. Claudia only cooks Romanian dishes mind, but London has plenty to offer when she wants a change.

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Claudia’s other passion is to travel. She loves visiting new places, experiencing new cultures and tasting new foods – always with her daughter. Together, they’ve been to China, Spain, Germany, Italy, Norway and more. Thailand is next on their list. You won’t have to go so far for Thai cuisine, though, as Claudia can you drop you at the best Thai restaurants in town.

If you wish to have the same freedom about deciding when and where to work as Claudia does, we suggest you sign up as a Bolt driver. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and you’ll be rolling on the streets of London in no time! And the pay? You can find all about the actual numbers and everything else from here.

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