Bolt Driver awayday! Racing V8 AMGs at the Brooklands racetrack

March 11, 2020

Bolt Driver awayday! Racing V8 AMGs at the Brookland racetrack

Last week, we had the pleasure of inviting a group of drivers to Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge. The day’s itinerary? Putting their Bolt Driver skills to the test as they fly around the historic Brooklands racetrack driving a Mercedes AMG E43!  

A driver’s dream

Following on from last year’s driver giveaway, we decided to team up with the Mercedes-Benz crew once again. This time, we wanted to offer something that multiple Bolt drivers could benefit from. After some thought, it was settled that planning a fun day at Mercedes-Benz World would be ideal.

The site’s history runs deep in the automotive industry — the Brooklands racetrack was the first of it’s kind when it was originally built in 1907. Driving on this hallowed ground is a bucket list item for any motorsport enthusiast, which is exactly why we invited a select group of Bolt Drivers to this super-charged morning full of high-speed V8 fun!

Bolt Driver event

Learning how to tame a lion

Upon arrival, our Bolt Drivers were greeted with breakfast and a short briefing. Immediately following this, they met their co-pilots and got behind the wheels of their AMGs.

With a turn of the ignition, the V8 engines roared to life and our drivers made their way around the racetrack. They then spent the next hour learning and practising a series of acceleration and handling techniques, which allowed them to fully understand the power and capability of these cars.

After an adrenaline-induced hour, they had the opportunity to take an E-Class plug-in hybrid for a ride. As all private hire vehicles registered for the first time in London must be zero-emission capable, this was a great chance for the drivers to learn more about one of the most popular options available in the executive class.

Bolt Driver event

We’d like to give a big round of applause to all of the fantastic Bolt Drivers who were able to join us at Brooklands. A massive THANK YOU also goes out to the Mercedes-Benz team for their incredible hospitality and warm welcome.

And if you didn’t get a call from us for this special session, don’t worry, we’ve got lots planned this spring. Be sure to keep your phone on, you never know what cool opportunities life (and Bolt, in particular) may bring!

Join the fun!

We believe that driving with Bolt should be the most beneficial and fun experience you can have as a driver. Not only do we off our drivers a low commission fee (15%) and regular bonuses, we will also definitely continue organising more awesome events and giveaways like this one. Don’t miss out, sign up today!

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