Bolt Driver Ann: I am excited when my phone goes green

March 31, 2021

Meet our Bolt drivers Ann

We’re ending our series introducing some of the awesome women who move us with Ann. On the road since 1986, she joined Bolt a year after we launched in London. 

Ann’s communicative energy and friendliness are probably the reasons behind her 5-star rating. Rugby fan and occasional player, Ann’s second passion after driving is sports but don’t expect to find her near a golf course. “I love every single sport … apart from golf!”

Are people surprised when she tells them she’s a driver? Not at all, driving has always been natural for Ann and people quickly see it. “People aren’t really surprised, it’s actually the opposite. My friends have been telling me to drive professionally for years and years. They know it’s just the best job for me.”

What makes a good driver? Confidence on the road but also good communication and professionalism. “Speak to your customers if they want to speak. Be polite and friendly.”

“I am excited when my phone goes green!”

We trust Ann is making every passenger feel welcome the minute they step into her car. “I always try to make it as convenient as possible for them. I love human contact and I love talking to people. I am excited when my phone goes green!”

If you ever have the chance to ride with Ann, you will probably ask her like many of her clients –“how can we find you again?”

Bolt driver Ann

When we asked her what was the most unusual thing clients have forgotten in her car,  she shared without any hesitation the story of a client who had forgotten a large tub of Jamaican seasoning on her way to a family dinner.

On a more serious note, there is no secret women in the industry are underrepresented “I don’t know any women drivers actually”. We asked Ann if she had any recommendations for other women looking to drive professionally, “do it, just do it! If you’re working for someone, it’s just lovely to get out there on your own. And if you are a confident driver, it is the best job!” 

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