Bolt driver Aamer: Whenever you are on the road you are making money

June 25, 2021


Today we’re introducing Aamer, who has been driving in Peterborough with Bolt since day 1. Aamer has lived in Peterborough for more than 20 years and has spent many of those years driving with local cab companies before Bolt launched in Peterborough in March. We spent some time talking to him about the driving scene in Peterborough.

When you meet Aamer you instantly understand why he is one of the top-rated drivers in Peterborough. He’s approachable, kind, and easy-going – just the kind of guy you want behind the wheel. When he isn’t driving he’s busy spending time with his family, listening to music (sometimes between rides), or reading books.

A Driving App with the Driver in Mind

Aamer is rarely bored these days. 

Since joining Bolt, national lockdown restrictions have been greatly reduced and more and more passengers have been taking rides in Peterborough now that Bolt is a viable transport option. 

He learned about Bolt from a friend in London and was impressed to learn about the potential earnings and that Bolt drivers could be compensated in the event that passengers cancelled trips 4 minutes after arrival (£4) or that compensation could be received if he was left waiting for long periods of time (.25p per minute). These driver-conscious features won his praise and gave him peace of mind when it comes to accepting trips on the other side of town.

Aamer’s advice to drivers

I would say – come to Bolt!  It’s a good company and a very busy company. I’m not waiting for jobs anymore, sometimes you want rest actually. Whenever you are on the road you are making money.” Instead of waiting for the trips to come to Aamer, all he needs to do now is switch on the Bolt Driver App when he wants to start earning. 

Earn extra money driving with Bolt

If Aamer’s recent driving experience sounds like your cup of tea, get in touch! Including Peterborough, Bolt is available in 6 cities in the UK. To get started just download the Bolt driver app, register your details, and hit the road.

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