Bolt and London’s Air Ambulance Charity are teaming up

August 25, 2021


Introducing Helicopter, a new Bolt ride-type! Or, well, kind of…

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently partnered with London’s Air Ambulance Charity in recognition of their 32 years serving London. The life-saving charity delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured patients when time is of the essence and serves the 10 million people living and working within London. Over the next year, the Bolt team will be participating in a series of fundraising events to highlight the amazing work that London’s Air Ambulance Charity does 24/7, 365. And we’re starting with a new ride-type!

What is it? 

London’s Air Ambulance via Bolt is a special ride-type in our app which works just like a normal Bolt ride. The only difference is that rides will include an extra 50p cost which is directly given to London’s Air Ambulance Charity as a donation.

The new ride-type will be available in the Bolt app in London from 23rd August until 12th September 2021. Along the way, we’ll be sharing more information about the vital work that London’s Air Ambulance Charity does.

The final week that our special ride-type will run happens to fall during Air Ambulance Week. This will be a great opportunity for the London community and Bolt to ensure that London’s Air Ambulance continues to be ready for anyone in London, should they ever need it.


To date the Bolt team has donated nearly £45,000 to kickstart fundraising with more to come in the near future. A Bolt logo will now also appear on the iconic red helicopter, designating Bolt as an official corporate partner. Bolt’s UK team will participate in numerous fundraising activities for the charity in 2021 and 2022. We will also be finding opportunities to highlight road safety advice with the Bolt driver community and our passengers. 

We’re excited to work with London’s Air Ambulance Charity and use this opportunity to highlight the critical work that they do. 

Remember if you simply take Bolt’s featured London’s Air Ambulance ride-type when moving around in London, you’ll be contributing to an incredible cause. If you’d like to learn more about London’s Air Ambulance Charity or directly make a donation, visit their website.

Terms & Conditions for London’s Air Ambulance Charity ride type:
When selecting a London’s Air Ambulance Charity ride in your Bolt app 50p of the Fare for that ride (minus applicable taxes) will be donated to London’s Air Ambulance Trading Limited (Company No. 4836606) the trading subsidiary of London’s Air  Ambulance Limited (Company No. 2337239 and Registered Charity No. 801013) (“Campaign”).   

  • The Campaign will be available for any rides accepted by Bolt driver’s in London using this specific ride-type between 10.00 AM BST, 25th August 2021 and 11:59 PM BST, 12th September 2021.
  • For any questions about the Campaign please contact directly via in-app message or by calling Bolt directly at : +44 808 169 8818
  • Bolt is an official corporate partner and sponsor of London’s Air Ambulance (2021-22), supporting their lifesaving work with fundraising activities and staff engagement.

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