3 apps to manage your overseas business travel

December 28, 2021


Travelling and working abroad is par for the course in modern business culture. And no matter how much fancy travel management software your HR department has, business travel can still be unpredictable. You never know when some new complication will arise to throw your trip into chaos. 

That’s why it’s so important to have the right business travel apps to help you manage your travels, even while you’re overseas. Here are three of our very favourites. 

1. Get organised with Google Trips

Even when it comes to a topic as complex as business travel management, Google has you covered. 

Google Trips is one of the unsung heroes of the Google Suite of tools. It doesn’t have the same popularity as Google Maps or Gmail. That doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. Or any less useful for you, the person travelling overseas for business. 

Google Trips helps you quickly access your itinerary. And if you use Gmail, it will go ahead and extract dates and locations from your confirmation emails. 

The app displays all the details neatly in one place. That means you don’t have to spend time frantically searching through your inbox for your departure information. Everything can be saved offline, just in case you don’t have roaming data when you get to the airport. 

Once you arrive, Google will be ready to suggest restaurants and activities based on Google Reviews. Even better, it’s packed full of helpful hints. It’ll give you information like how much to tip in your destination country or where to find the closest 24-hour hospital. 

And what makes this an especially versatile tool is that it’s not just for business travel. You can use it for your next holiday, too! 

Get Google Trips 

2. Travel stress-free with KAYAK

After making travel easier for their customers, KAYAK set out to do the same for business travel. And they’re succeeding. 

The team at KAYAK have made a seamless corporate travel management solution. Let them know where business is taking you and they’ll compare flights and accommodation from thousands of restaurants. As you compare prices, KAYAK makes it clear whether it meets the policies set by your business. So you’ll never go over budget.

It’s a free service that makes travelling abroad for business easier. Plus, you may even come across discounts you wouldn’t have found anywhere else.


3. Reliable rides with Bolt Business 

One of the most stressful aspects of business travel abroad has to be navigating an unfamiliar place when you’re on a tight schedule. Public transport options can unnecessarily complicate travelling. They can even add significant stress once you end up getting lost, missing your stop, and showing up late to a meeting. 

Luckily, there are services like Bolt that offer reliable, affordable transport in more than 300 cities in over 45 countries. You can use the same app to book a ride in any one of them. You can also check the price before the ride starts so there are no surprises. 

All Bolt drivers are subjected to a thorough vetting process and our quality standards are universal.

Companies can easily sign up for a Work Profile or Team Account, depending on which option is a better fit. 

That way employees don’t have to worry about handling corporate credit cards or saving receipts. Everything is managed right through the app. All the employee needs to worry about is the business that brought them to town in the first place!

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