This is how you get a discount on your Bolt ride

October 29, 2019

This is how you get a free ride with Bolt

Ever heard of Bolt’s referral code which gives you a discount on your next ride? This is how to get it.

Starting off, you need two things:

  1. Bolt app (download from Google Play or App Store)
  2. A friend, who also wants a discount (it’s a win-win)

The path to get the riding credit is easy – invite your friends to sign up and take a ride with Bolt. You get your share once they have done their first ride using your referral code. And for them, the first ride is also covered.

To find your referral code open the Bolt app and head to the left-side menu. From there, it’s very self-explanatory. Tap on “Free rides” and then do as described – you have multiple ways to share the code with your friends, either you prefer social media, SMS or something else.

This is how you get a free ride with Bolt

Before sharing, a few things you need to know:

  • Bolt referral codes can be used only with card payment rides
  • Your Bolt referral code can only be redeemed by new customers who don’t share a payment method or a device with an existing customer
  • Your code cannot be redeemed by existing users creating new accounts
  • These type of personal referral codes are meant for personal purposes – you can share your code with your peers, but don’t start a public campaign around it (oh yes, we’ll notice…)

P.S. Did you know, that all Bolt European rides are 100% carbon neutral?

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