Bolt driver Zsolt: I’m fully in charge of where and when I work

August 22, 2019

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Zsolt Daka has always dreamed of being in charge of his own career. When he began working for himself as a private hire driver in London his dreams came true! Zsolt is now his own boss, fully in control of how, where and when he works.

A rough start to a dream journey

It wasn’t always this way, though. As a food delivery driver, Zsolt went through some pretty testing times. His motorbike was stolen six times in a single year! It’s no surprise, then, that Zsolt only planned to stay in London for a short while. Nearly four years on, however, he says he loves it here. “You can do anything in London,” he declares.

Zsolt may not have come to London at all had it not been for a good friend who, on returning home to their native Hungary for a holiday, wouldn’t stop saying how much he loved living in London. A little while later, the two of them made the return journey.

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Now, Zsolt lives with his girlfriend in North Greenwich, whizzing Bolt Executive users around town in a black BMW 330i M Sport. The former DJ thinks Londoners are generally friendlier than people in Hungary, something that he says really helped to settle him in.

In charge of his schedule with Bolt

Before he left home, Zsolt regularly worked 12-hour days, seven days a week. There was little time left to squeeze in his favourite hobby, carp fishing. As a keen DJ, he frequently worked in some of Hungary’s biggest night clubs. A regular night-owl, his music collection consists mainly of EDM, House, and Progressive Dance.

Unfortunately for his now fellow Londoners, he hasn’t quite made it behind the decks since moving here. Hungary’s clubbers will be missing him for sure, but Zsolt is happier now. The secret? A good work-life balance, he believes.

Using the Bolt app gives him the power to set his own schedule and choose when he wants to do the other things that he loves. As well as enjoying London’s nightlife and pub scene, Zsolt and his girlfriend like spending time in Greenwich and Hyde Park. Visiting Buckingham Palace or admiring the Thames river at night when the many bright lights of the capital reflect off its surface.

We hope that Zsolt finds some time to share his love of music as a DJ once again. Who knows, perhaps one day he will own his own night club!

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