20 apps every business manager should try out to boost their performance

August 31, 2020

bolt business

Successful business managers are constantly looking for ways to improve their business, team and results. We’ve mapped out 20 apps that are useful for all of the managers out there trying to find the best performance at a reasonable (or zero!) cost.

20 apps every business manager should try out


Pricing: Freemium

Slack is one of the most popular instant messaging apps for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Manager to manager, team to team, it simplifies everyday communication and allows you to customise to the needs of your growing business.

Bolt Business

Pricing: Free sign-up

Bolt Business helps take the hassle out of your company’s work travel expense reporting. As a business manager, Bolt Business gives you a clear overview of all of the trips done by your employees, all clearly reported and ready for the accountant. No more taxi receipts, or confusing expense forms. Hassle-free business travel management.

Find out more about Bolt Business.


Pricing: Freemium

Asana is an app that helps keep your team connected and focused on their daily work. You can set deadlines, map out all of the steps in different projects and keep track of everything in one place. All pretty crucial things for a business owner, right?


Pricing: Freemium

Are you the 3-in-1 business manager who does everything on their own? The Xolo app will help to set up and manage your one-man/woman business without the need to know anything about accounting. It can also free you up from dealing with all of that paperwork.


Pricing: Starting from £25 user/month

Every business manager needs an overview of their clients’ or customers’ thoughts and needs. The SurveyMonkey app is perfect for creating quick surveys and gathering feedback from those that keep your business going. Survey data can be a great way of refining your existing products or even uncovering new trends.


Pricing: Freemium

The Evernote app is created for storing and sharing both personal and business to-do lists, reminders and notes across mobile and desktop devices.


Pricing: Starting from £8 user/month

DocuSign is an app that allows every business manager to easily collect e-signatures on a desktop or mobile device. This is the perfect tool for collecting necessary information from clients and remote employees. A very handy app for those last-minute signatures when deadlines are looming!


Pricing: Freemium

Zoom helps your teams stay connected via video meetings, web conferencing, training sessions or for social hours. It’s a great tool for providing continuity within your business.

Google Drive

Pricing: Freemium

Developed by the eponymous tech-giant, Google Drive is an app for storing and managing all of your company files in one place. As a business manager, you’re constantly on the go and the possibility to access everything on all of your devices is what makes this one-size-fits-all solution a must-have.


Pricing: Contact Vivial for more information

Vivial is an app created for business marketing. You, as a business manager, will give Vivial a brief of what you need and they will make you visible in your target markets.


Pricing: Freemium

TransferWise is an app that lets you send and receive money internationally without high banking fees. Additionally, you can issue a business debit card to pay for your expenses.


Pricing: Freemium

Just as you need to stay connected with your team, it’s vital to keep in touch with your customer base. MailChimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you manage and talk to your clients and other interested parties.


Pricing: Freemium

As a business manager, your tone of voice says a lot about you. Grammarly is an app that works as your personal online writing assistant — fixing your errors and offering suggestions for better wording.


Pricing: Freemium

If only there was an app that tracked, stored and synced your working hours seamlessly in one place? Well, that’s what Clockify is for.


Pricing: Freemium

To be more productive as a business manager, you need to be organised. No need to create boards, lists, and cards on your wall or whiteboard to prioritise your projects. There’s an app for that — Trello.


Pricing: Freemium

The flagship of agile working, Jira is a software app that helps you create workflows, keep track of your projects and improve team performance based on real-time data.


Pricing: Freemium

Can’t focus? Noisli is an app that offers various background sounds to mute out the noises that keep disturbing you when you’re managing your business. We recommend trying: coffee shop, it’s our favourite.

bolt business bolt


Pricing: Freemium

As a business manager, you are very likely to feel the burn of stress from time to time. In order to keep your sanity, it’s important to nurture your mind. The Headspace app will guide you through meditations needed for a clear head and happy thoughts.


Pricing: Freemium

When was the last time you forgot your email account password? The Lastpass app helps you with password management, so you have more room in your brain for business-related topics.


Pricing: Freemium

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to create graphics, presentations, posters and any other type of visual content. No need to be a designer, every business manager can work their way around this easy-to-use app.

As a business manager, balance is key

Just as in normal everyday life, finding the right balance for yourself is key in the app world as well. If you find a solution that suits you and works for your business, stick with it. If you tried out something but didn’t quite fall in love with it, that’s fine too.

We may be biased but if you had to start with one app, we’d suggest trying Bolt, specifically Bolt Business and seeing how the app can help move your staff and you bottom line in the right direction.

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